I will collect a million years
What kind of program do you use for your drawings? Don't answer only "photoshop" because I know it.

(I don’t know what else you want me to answer with then, because I use Photoshop)

Matthew, Matthew, where for art thou Matthew? Your angelic face has been desired and missed by many a' users! Thou art a treasure and thou art missed. Grace us with thy presence once more dearest Matthew~

Hi. Are you dead? :c

only on the inside 

I miss the Limbo event :-(

i miss the siren song of financial security

What if someone stole all the mooses?

Hey Matt do you support the MattxMatthew ships?

(I know someone already asked, but now that the ask blog's gotten more active again and it hasn't appeared... Is the limbo event still going?)

(( yeah, yeah, it’s on HIATUS but need to be unhiatused and I am so sorry but soon!! soon I promise!!))

How do you figure out names for your 'pets', Mattie?

i figure Matt’s a good name. and Mister Matt is probably even better 

mister matt. good names 

So you named your fish und moose the same thing? Reeeeal original~! =w=b Good job there.

thank you 

Hold up. Didn't you have a fish with the same name at one point?

sure did